Here’s a selection of references from various people – in various roles – that I have worked with. You can view all of my references on my LinkedIn profile.

“Steve is not only an amazing designer, but also fun to work with. He is talented in everything required to be a superb user-centered designer. Steve goes above and beyond what is required. As a researcher supporting him, I noticed that he was very involved in the process of research, in terms of observation and getting closer to the users. He developed a deep empathy for the user base, individuals who recognized him and also enjoyed working with him. I would highly recommend Steve without hesitation. He is an example, and I dearly miss working alongside him!”

Stephanie Guaman, UX Researcher at Facebook

“I had the joy of working with Stephen on a few projects while at Symantec. He remains one of the most talented designers I’ve worked with in my entire career. His talents are an unusually broad spectrum of superb interaction design sensibility, excellent technical aptitude, and ability to communicate effectively with developers, end users, stakeholders, executives. His sweet spot really is complex applications; the more complex, the better. And all that is packaged in a nice guy who genuinely loves what he does! I’d happily work with Stephen again in a quick second.”

Kellie Mecham, Principal UX Researcher at SolarWinds

“I really enjoyed working on projects with Steve at Symantec! He’s a gifted, very intelligent designer who is great at mentally placing himself in the end users’ shoes. Steve was always incredibly easy to work with, and very clearly committed to working towards the best user experience possible (e.g. though there was an 8hr time difference between us, he often remotely observed usability testing sessions). I would love to work with Steve again in the future, and would recommend him without hesitation to anyone.”

Celeste Ridlen, Experience Research Manager at Airbnb

“Stephen has an astounding grasp of complex technologies and an incredible eye for detail. I was impressed with his ability to present and communicate user experience deliverables under some difficult circumstances. He is one of the most committed and talented interaction designers I have worked with. I would have no hesitation in working with him again.”

Graham Beale, Lead Instructor UX/UI Design at Flatiron School

“Stephen’s knack of producing simple user-driven design solutions from huge amounts of detail and complexity makes him a fantastic interaction designer to work with. Through multiple initiatives he was always willing to listen, understand and figure out new ways of solving design challenges – then to work with the engineering team to deliver the solutions to users and ensure an optimum experience for clients.”

Vicki Fraser, Principal Product Manager at Skyscanner

“I have worked with Stephen on various aspects of our services over the past 18-24 months including a large, fundamental customer facing improvement. Stephen has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to analyse the customer’s objectives, understand the processes/mechanisms that need to be followed to achieve the objective and challenge the status quo. The ultimate result is that he has designed outstanding solutions to complex problems that have performed well in both usability testing and in the real world. Stephen continued to consult with developers and testers (as we learned and managed change through the project lifecycle) in order to deliver the best possible solution. It would be a pleasure to be able to work with Stephen again in the future as he would add strength to any company lucky enough to employ him.”

Gavin Etheridge, Product Owner at Fasthosts Internet Ltd

“I had an opportunity to work with Steve for almost 2 years on one of the feature on Enterprise Vault. Steve was the User Interface Designer for the project. He was very passionate about the work which he used to do. The way he used to visualize a UI and translate those into mockups and wireframes, was simply outstanding. I can still remember how he transformed the product’s older UI into the new cleaner look and which simply changed the impression of the product. Apart from all the impressive designing skills he has, he is a very approachable person. Team members used to approach him for any UI issues and he used to make sure that those are addressed in the most efficient way. I would definitely recommend Steve as a person with great UI designing, visualization skills, passionate and committed towards his work.”

Mirang Parikh, Principal Software Engineer at Symantec

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