Veritas Information Map

Veritas Information Map (now known as Veritas Information Studio) is a SaaS big data platform that provides organisations with the visibility and insight they need to regain control over their growing data estate, regardless of where it resides.

“A comprehensive intelligent data platform to address data-related challenges around data privacy, regulatory requests and risk.”

Veritas Technologies LLC

Related to Veritas Information Map, Veritas Connection Center makes it easy for system administrators to add and configure connectors to other on premises and cloud data sources in seconds, opening the door to visualising your entire data estate, regardless of where it’s hosted or located.

I was the primary user experience designer on both Veritas Information Map and Veritas Connection Center. I fulfilled a number of different roles, including user experience researcher, user experience designer, visual designer, and product owner of Veritas Design Language (which is the design system that was created as one of the outputs of Veritas Information Map).

The Veritas Connection Center user interface was developed using Veritas Design Language (VDL).