Veritas Design Language

Veritas Design Language: A modern, responsive, and accessible design system for developers and designers

Veritas Design Language is the realisation of my 10 year old vision:

“To design and create a common library of reusable components that can be used by UX Designers and Engineers across the organisation to create and build consistent, compelling, responsive, and accessible experiences at scale.”

Steve Woolley

It just didn’t make any sense for every product engineering team across the organisation to waste time trying to make their UI components look and behave the same, independently of one another.

“Build the components once – with styles and behaviours baked in – and host them on a common repo that all front-end devs can utilise.”

Steve Woolley

Veritas Design Language is a unified design language that aims to solve the age old problem of delivering consistent user experiences – at scale – across multiple products. It comprises:

Sketch design assets that enable UX Designers to quickly prototype proof of concepts and create consistently polished mockups, whilst reducing wasteful, duplicate styling efforts. Having every component – in various states – defined as a Sketch symbol vastly accelerates the design process, and makes it easy for designers to rapidly iterate.

Angular components enable UI Developers to quickly deliver consistent, modern, responsive, and accessible user experiences based on industry standard controls.