KNEIP are driving the digital transformation of the fund industry and – as Head of User Experience – I led a small team of information experience designers – and partnered with full-service digital agency – to help KNEIP define their vision for ingesting, managing, enriching, and disseminating complex investment fund data.

This is what I did at KNEIP:

  • Undertook user research activities with existing – and prospective – clients that helped us to shape the future vision of the KNEIP Digital Platform
  • Defined and owned the future end-to-end vision of the KNEIP Digital Platform user experience
  • Owned the roadmap for the KNEIP Support Centre; a comprehensive documentation portal for the various modules on the KNEIP Digital Platform
  • Managed and mentored a small team of information experience designers/technical writers
  • Introduced the use of in-house design sprints and design exploration workshops to enable KNEIP product and engineering teams to build better products
  • Owned and maintained the KNEIP Digital Platform design system
  • Designed the screens – with all micro-interactions laid out in a prototype – in Figma to enable the engineering team to build the product experience
  • Partnered with a full-service digital design agency to produce workflows, wireframes, high-resolution mockups, and other artefacts that helped bring the vision alive
  • Managed the creation and deployment of self-help topics to enable our client users to become more self-sufficient
  • Integrated the information experience with the product experience