Citrix XenDesktop Studio

Citrix XenDesktop Studio is the primary management console for administering Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop sites. This intuitive Windows console is used for tasks such as initial site setup, machine provisioning, and app and desktop publishing.

Citrix XenDesktop Studio is used to:

  • Deliver applications to users through just two guided screens.
  • Provision hundreds or thousands of machines from a golden image through five simple, guided screens.
  • Delegate administration to ensure control over relevant objects with appropriate permissions.
  • Administer your environment from most Windows machines, or access it as a published app or within a published desktop.

During my time at Citrix, I was responsible for researching and designing several new features of Citrix XenDesktop. My main contribution was providing the primary research and experience design of the Application Groups feature. I worked as part of a multi-disciplinary team (called “Three-In-A-Box”) to design and document various new features of Citrix XenDesktop Studio.

I ran a number of remote discovery sessions with users to explore how they wanted to use Application Groups in the context of their own business. This insight helped me gain a thorough understanding, empathy, and the knowledge I needed to drive the design forwards and come-up with a solution which was both technically feasible and met the user’s expectations.